Here is our list of Top 10 healthy Snacks For Weight Loss!

Looking for healthy snacks that won’t break your calories count? Look no more! Bonus: ***All are under 200 calories per serving***

Boiled Eggs

1Boiled Eggs

At 70 calories per large egg, you can afford to eat a couple of boiled eggs as a snack! We suggest buying free range or organic!

Egg Muffins

2Egg Muffins

These are super easy to make! Take some spinach, green peppers, onions and of course eggs and bake into little muffins! Less than 100 calories a pop!


3Cup of Popcorn

1 cup of skinny pop popcorn has only 35 calories! (be careful though and read your labels not all popcorn brands are made low calories…)

tomato soup

4Cup of Soup

Here is a good trick! Before each of your meals have a cup of soup! 1 cup of tomatoe¬†or chicken noodle soup is between 140 to 170 calories! We love Healthy Planet’s brand of soup!

Diced cucumber and tomatoes

5Diced Tomatoes & Cucumber

Practically calorie-less! Dice a few calamata tomatoes, cucumbers and add in some dried herbs, salt, and pepper to spice!

Rice Cakes

6Rice Cakes & Nut Butter & Sugar-Free Jam

Buy some original rice cakes (35 calories per cake), add a tablespoon of peanut or almond butter (100 calories) and a tablespoon of sugar-free jam (20 calories) Voila! Great, tasty snack!

Celery & Hummus

7Celery & Hummus

Take some veggies (celery, cucumber, broccoli) and add 2 tablespoons of hummus! Delicious and low in calories

Cup of Berries

8Cup of Berries

Get your hands on some organic blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries and eat! 1 cup has about 50 to 100 calories and is full of antioxidants!

Protein Shake

9Protein Shake

Take a scoop of your fave low carb protein powder, mix with a cup of unsweetened almond, coconut, rice, or cashew milk! Total calories about 150 to 200 calories!