Lyzabeth Lopez Workouts Review

Just today I came across a “review” of Lyzabeth’s workout program … from a girl who has *NEVER* completed it and who make outlandish claims against it. (… she actually states in her reviews she never bought the program yet feels ok to write a review on it)

So I thought to write this real AUTHENTIC review. My name is Ruby and I have ACTUALLY completed the TWL program. My review below is not some remarks I pulled outa my a*rse for the sake of making sales on another program. It is the *truth* from someone who has trained with Lyzabeth in person and from someone who has followed her program.


I gotta be honest with ya! I am a kind of girl who’s been into fitness for a long time. I started weight training at 18 and by 21 was a certified personal trainer. I always loved the gym… and a good challenge! And this is how I discovered Lyzbeth Lopez’s workouts.

And upon some researching, I found some VERY interesting facts, which I will share with you below!

My name is Ruby… and no my boyfriend did not leave me for an attractive girl next door. But building an attractive body by following Lyzabeth’s Lopez workouts did score me a LOT of dates… and confidence and a DAMN sexy body that makes guys turn heads.

Let me insert a few pics to seal the deal:

If you are looking to build CURVES then Lyzabeth Lopez’s workouts are DEFINITELY for you.


See, unlike this other reviewer, I actually TRY the products and programs I review. So you can be assured that this review is authentic… and the workouts TESTED.

A few months back, I started Lyzabeth Lopez’s workouts (better known as TWL – trainwithlyzabeth) as a way to get my mojo back and to challenge myself.

The plan comes completed with 20 days of workouts, instructional reviews, holistic meal plans, and TONS of resources in the back end including an active and super motivation online community (…. one that Lyzabeth herself is active in!)

lyzabeth lopez workouts review

I did went and looked up the program before to jumping on board… and have heard nothing but GOOD reviews. All the girls in our group LOVE the program… from beginners to advanced there are ladies of all walks of life doing Lyzabeth Lopez’s Workouts.

And they all have fun, and most importantly GET RESULTS! I mean check out all the cray cray before and afters:


… and these are REAL results. There are plenty more that Ive seen week after week in our online community. From women who are older, younger, beginner to advanced!

Is It Worth It?

Let me be BRUTALLY honest. As I mentioned above I am someone who’s been into fitness a VERY long time. I’ve come across a lot of different trainers, programs, and workouts. And believe me when I say, the $149 is TOTALLY worth it!

There just isn’t any other program like Lyzabeth Lopez Workouts. If you are looking for some easy to do, cheap program printed on PDF without much guidance or depth then go look elsewhere.

The Lyzabeth Lopez workouts are designed for ladies who are looking for LONG term results. It a program that helps ladies BUILD curves not just get skinny… it challenges you and your body. And best of all it includes holistic, real food meal plans that teach you how to eat well for the rest of your life.

It includes:

  • An easy to follow nutrition plan
  • A shopping list
  • Nutrition videos
  • A list of supplements
  • A 30 days workout program (*highly structured)
  • Instructional videos for ALL exercises
  • An active, and engaged online community for support
  • … and more! Check out

I sincerely believe the TWL program will change your life! Check out here: lyzabeth lopez workouts rewiew






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