• This program is perfect for ladies looking to build curves (aka an Hourglass Figure)
  • Suitable for those with injuries and for beginners
  • Comes with workout videos, holistic meal plans, the success tracker, and even a cardio guide!

The creator of the online Hourglass Workout program better referred to at TWL or TrainWithLyzabeth, Lyzabeth Lopez is KNOWN for curves! One look at the girl and instant motivation!

Lyzabeth is a master trainer and holistic nutritionist with over 15 years of experience…. and boy does the workout ever show! TWL is no joke! Unlike many other workout programs out there, TWL is well structured. It comes with 20 instructional workout videos, a success tracker and best of all, a holistic meal plan so you can fuel your workouts and get to your goals.

What’s TWL about?

TWL (TrainWithLyzabeth) is a 30-day online program made for females by the social media phenom and master trainer Lyzabeth Lopez. Each day you are instructed to focus on a muscle group. It could be legs, upper body, abs, shoulder or strictly even full on glutes! You are to complete all exercises in the workout while following her holistic (think real food does not diet food) meal plans.

One thing that separates Lyza’s online program from many others: it is actually written for ladies looking to build curves. There are a variety of pilates and glute building exercises that you will not find in other programs. It is very specific and will keep you on your toes as each workout is different. You can be doing heavy legs one week and have a high rep day. She even throws in some of our favorites: Tabata’s and burpees!

In the back end of TWL, you also have access to some of Lyza’s nutrition talks like one on how to count your macros. The site is LOADED with good information that most trainers simply do not share.

There is even an online support group via Facebook that allows members to ask questions directly from Lyzabeth (yes, she ANSWERS!!!) and interact with the TWL community at large!

The before/afters are simply STUNNING! It’s motivating to connect with other women on the same path… some across seas in the Middle East and Europe!

The TWL Meal Plan

Another great bonus: Lyzabeth’s holistic meal plans. When you sign up with TWL you can choose to follow the weight loss, muscle building, hypothyroid, vegan or vegetarian meal plans. I follow the weight loss one… and boy does it work!

Unlike many of the other online training programs, Lyzabeth lays everything out! She emphasizes the role of nutrition in building curves and fat loss… and gives you the tools to get you there.

When I first read my meal plan I was surprised by the amount of good information in there! The meal plans include a chart to follow, do it yourself easy recipes, supplement information and even tips on how to curb cravings.

It is by far the most informative meal plan I have come across online! I liked the fact that Lyzabeth takes the times to explain the WHY behind the meal plan. With that said, for those of you who do not like to read, there is a cheat sheet that contains a condensed version of what you need to know!

Conclusion: Is TWL Worth The $$$?

In short YES! But let me explain! As a blogger and fitness enthusiast, I’ve researched and looked at MANY online training programs (including the ones offered by Shredz athletes). In comparison, TWL is WORLDS away.

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Most online training program (and especially 30 or 28-day ones) are often just a PDF of exercises with not much structure or guidance. What makes TWL different is that it is rather an online portal of organized workouts, nutrition guides and fitness tips! The exercises are highly selective to help build curves. They are fun yet challenging…. and no two days are the same so you will never be bored!

Lyzabeth simple does not leave you hanging! Even if you are new to weight training, you can follow this program and succeed. There is even a cardio guide to help you boost your fat loss and build your cardiovascular endurance.

TWL can be accessed on the phone or computer (I simply bring my phone to the gym) and all the guides can be downloaded for easy access.

The information provided is worth $$$$ plus more! If your goal is to accentuate your feminine physique, build bigger glutes or simply lose some weight, then TWL is for you!

You can get your copy here (at a special discounted price – FOR a limited time): Lyzabeth Lopez’s Online Training Program



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