A few months ago (… perhaps it has been a year ?) Queen Bee (aka the gorgeous Beyonce Knowles) dropped her new fitness line, cleverly called Ivy Park. I was stoked to see the brand be immediately picked up and carried by the Hudson Bay here in Toronto. And I indeed was on the first in line to check out the new line…

ivy park by beyonce review
Ivy Park Baseball Cap

I am wearing the Ivy Park Women’s baseball cap (in gray) and mesh basketball jersey (in black). They both fit super comfy! I picked up both the items at Hudson Bay here in Toronto (Eaton Center location).

ivy park by beyonce review
Ivy Park Jersey – Black.

The line features yoga pants, tanks, sports bras and comfy sweaters! Although I do not own a pair yet, all Ivy Park yoga pants come in three different “waist” heights including a low rise and my fave, a high waisted style. I found this pretty innovative for a fitness line… as I am totally tired of seeing only low rise yoga pants! (FYI: low rise yoga pants are a DISASTER for curvy women… not suitable for those with #thickthighs!)

ivy park by beyonce review
Anthony and I rocking our green bomber jackets. #twinning! (Unplanned btw! haha)

Overall the new line has some DOPE gear! The only issue is that (in my humble opinion) it is slightly over priced. The baseball cap picture costs $35, the basketball jersey $70! Here is a price list of some Ivy Park items sold at the Bay:

  • Yoga pants: range from $50 to $120
  • Sweaters: $50 to $70
  • Sports Bras: $45
  • T-shirts: $35
  • Tanks: $45
  • Shorts: $40

My suggestion for you is to purchase when the Bay has the line on sale… unless you are like me and want your hands on cool gear right away! Haha! I look forward to buying more items from this line, mostly because it is really well designed! All the Ivy Park items ┬áthat I own wash well and are super comfy … so perhaps worth the $$$ after all!

xoxo, Rubes.