Grey is a CLASSIC! Everyone owns something grey! I love wearing grey year round but especially in the fall and winter. Grey seems to be a good shade for any occasion! Luckily enough many brands offer yoga tights, leggings and of course sneakers in grey!

1Sports Bra

Umbro Grey (From Winners)

I picked up this sports bra at the local Winners. It is super comfy! I originally picked it out to use for a photo shoot… the only warning I will give is there isn’t much support so it may not be the best sports bra for those with bigger um .. you know!


American Apparel Nylon Tricot High Waisted Leggings in Charcoal

So this is gonna sound a bit cray cray but I own three of these leggings (in different colours)! They are my fave high waisted leggings. I wear them to workout … super comfortable. I always get asked where I’ve purchased these. American Apparel.Check out them out and pick up a pair! These leggings can be rocked any day.


Adidas Originals Tubular Defiant in Grey 

Ok, so I own a whole wack of sneakers and these are literally my all time faves! They are Adidas originals! Called “Tubulars”… Adidas actually has a range of these shoes. Some are high top like mine, some are low top. They all look DOPE! I do wear these to the gym to workout. They are actually a perfect workout shoe as they do not have much of a heal and allow good grip. I do not use these shoes to run (although occasionally I do run in them to catch the GO Train!) haha! Check out the range of Adidas Tubular Defiants here!


I picked up this foam roller from Winners. Winners/ Marshall’s actually has a pretty decent collection of foam rollers. This one is a step up from the regular foam roller. Basically, the texture on the foam roller makes it “stiffer”. I would recommend starting with a basic foam roller (not textured) and make your way up  to the rubble ones! Foam rollers come in super handy on those heavy leg days!