I am about 140 lbs… give or take a few lbs. Yup, that’s pretty heavy for someone that stands at 5’2. I am short! But quite frankly I could care less about how much I weigh on the scale… and nor should you.

WHY? Well, let me explain.

  1. First and foremost the scale is NOT a good indication of overall health. How much you weigh does not really tell us if you have heart disease or cancer… nor can it tell us how strong you are or how fast you can run. 
  2. The scale does not give an accurate picture of body composition. It has no idea how much muscle, body fat, bone mass or water you hold. And those of you about to come out at me with “how about that body fat scale at the gym”… Those are equally inaccurate! Scales (including those body fat ones) are not very accurate at measuring our body composition. (Your best bet, in this case, is underwater dunking)
  3. The scale may LIE to you… no for real! The scale may be easily off by 10lbs! As it turns out our body fluctuates in weight from night to day, during our menstrual cycle, after a week of “high carving”, and after workouts. So checking the scale day to day is not a good way to find out how much you weigh. I fluctuate between 135 to 142 from week to week…
  4. The scale does not reflect changes in body fat, strength, power or over health. Lost 2 inches off your waist? Finally was able to add an inch to those glutes? Able to do 30 pushups in the row? Well, the scale, unfortunately, cannot tell you that you are indeed losing inches, building muscle, strength, power, endurance … nor can it tell ya how darn sexy you look in that dress!

So What Is A Girl To Do?

I get it! I honestly do! We all like to be  a certain size and weight but again your weight is a poor indication of overall health and fitness. You can be heavy set and be able to run, squat and jump. You can equally be super slim and be ill and be riddled with disease.

So ask yourself why does the scale matter? Why does your weight matter? Will it make you happier to weigh less or will you be happier looking better in clothes? Does the scale matter or how confident you feel? Are you more concerned with looking defined or weighing a certain amount on a scale?

Do you want to be healthy and void of disease or do you wanna weigh X amount? Not all of us are meant to look like runway models… some of us can be healthy AND be heavier with curves.

I urge you to keep other forms of measurements. Measure inches. Take progress pictures (like we do at Hourglass Workout). Make a note of how your clothes fit. Aim to perform better at the gym. Measure how strong you are getting. Keep a log of how much endurance you have…. Get your blood work done and measure nutritional deficiencies… aim to lower your cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and resting heart rate.

There are just so many better ways of measuring progress and health than the scale. So DITCH THE SCALE for once and for good!