Paraben Health Risks: Are Your Beauty Products Killing You?

Paraben Health Risks: TOXIC BEAUTY

What if all the potions and lotions that make you feel like a goddess were actually chipping away at your natural beauty and health one toxin at a time? We have all become more aware of toxins in the air we breathe an on the food we eat, but some of the most dangerous toxins are those right in our own bathrooms. The best approach is to treat personal care products like you would your diet which means reading labels carefully, being suspicious of long expiry dates and finding out which products cause more harm than good.

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How Parabens Take Away from Your Pretty

Paraben Health Risks
Lotion, shampoos, conditioners and make up all contain toxin parabens!

As a female who enjoys looking and feeling my best, I’m always on the hunt to find products that won’t affect my health and will actually help to enhance natural beauty. The challenge with this is that if you pick up any shampoo or lotion bottle that promises soft skin and bouncy hair, you are pretty much guaranteed to find some form of paraben in it.  That’s right, paraben, sound familiar? That’s because parabens are preservatives designed to ward off bacteria and keep your “Ocean Fresh” body lotion, ocean-y fresh for a really long time.

Paraben Health Risks

Parabens are found in shampoos, conditioners, creams, shower gels, tanning creams, cosmetics and so much more, but what makes these parabens especially dangerous is their ability to be absorbed through the skin (our largest organ), blood and digestive system. This means your routine of shampooing, lathering, and perfuming is constantly exposing you to these toxic compounds. Parabens are also known hormone disruptors; in addition to contributing to PMS, infertility, acne and belly fat, more serious health risks are also implicated. A 2004 UK study detected traces of five parabens in the breast tumors of 19 out of 20 women studied. What’s more scary is that the parabens detected were intact and unaltered by the body’s metabolism – a clear indication that these chemicals have ability to penetrate skin and remain in breast tissue for who knows how long! Need more reasons to make the switch?

Be Pro-active With Parabens

Paraben Health Risks
Pick out products that are sulfate and paraben free!

Now that you know that parabens are used as preservatives in many of your favourite beauty products, let’s talk about reading labels and making better choices. When reading the label, look for anything ending in paraben – ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben etc. Fortunately, many natural and organic cosmetics manufacturers have found great anti-bacterial alternatives to the latter and will gladly label their products as “paraben free”. Another clue that the product is safe, look at the expiry date -shorter shelf lives means less chemicals and preservatives.

Detox: It’s Not Just For The Kitchen!

Detox your home one room at a time starting with the bathroom. Pitch out products and old cosmetics that have withstood the test of time and try to replace them with more natural alternatives (like essential oils).

Looking for more info? Check out some of the links below to get all the dirt on your favourite products and learn about more natural ones. Remember, if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t slather it on your body either.




8 Supercharged Vegan Snacks

8 vegan snacks

I know many of you (myself included) often struggle with healthy snack ideas. And as a busy business owner who is literally on the go all the time, I understand the importance of having convenient healthy snacks (and a suitable meal plan!) that are ready to eat on the go! It’s difficult to find snacks that are made from the good stuff you want (like protein, vitamins, minerals) but are also low in sugar, free of preservatives and all other junk (like high fructose corn syrup).

I personally always look for what I call “super charged snacks” . Essentially these are snack foods that provide a healthy dose of protein, good fats, phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. I also read the food label to make sure that the product is made of ingredients that are mostly whole foods. Unfortunately many of the snacks out there, specially the ones marketed as “healthy” are actually not very healthy as they contain chemicals, highly refined foods, preservatives and additives. However, there are some awesome, healthy and convenient snacks that you can have on the go!

I have made a list of my favourite 8 convenient, supercharged snacks that are both calorie wise and healthy… added bonus: all of them are vegan! They are safe to consume for those of you who like me do not consume much animal products (….speaking of, if you are looking for a vegan meal plan, check THIS out!). These are snacks that I buy almost every single week and keep on me at all times!

8 Supercharged Vegan Snacks:

  1. Seaweed snacks: Seaweed helps prevent inflammation and acts as an antioxidant. It also contains iodine which is great for helping regulate thyroid hormones and your metabolism.

    supercharged vegan snacks
    Seaweed Snacks
  2. Vega Savi Seed: Containing 13 grams of good fats and 9 grams of protein per serving, Vega’s Saviseed is indeed savi! It’s packed with everything your body needs! Great snack on the go! 

    8 supercharged vegan snacks
  3. Hemp Bar: This quick grab bar is packed with 10 grams of good fats, 10 grams of protein and only 9 grams of sugar per serving! The best thing about this bar is that it’s made from raw, organic whole foods such as hemp seeds, organic coconut sugar and sea salt.

    8 supercharged vegan snacks
    Hemp Bars
  4. Green apples with almond butter: I love green apples with a little bit of spice! Low calories but high in vitamins and fibre! Chop one on the go and add some Himalayan Sea Salt, natural almond butter or Tajha Mexican Spice!

    supercharged vegan snacks - apple sandwich
    Apple Sandwiches
  5. Unsweetened Cashew and Almond Yogurt: Discovering this dairy free yogurt has been a blessing! It is just as creamy as yogurt and contain probiotics to help with digestive health. I buy the unsweetened cashew or coconut milk ones and add fresh berries, chia seeds, slivered almonds and agave to create a healthy “yogurt parfait”!

    supercharged vegan snacks - cashew yogurt
    Cashew Yogurt
  6. Vegan Protein: Kaizen Naturals, Sunwarrior and Sprouted Pea Protein all make some awesome tasting vegan proteins! These vegan proteins are thick and creamy and does not taste chalky (or like cardboard)… I mix mine with a teaspoon of organic spirulina and unsweetened cashew, almond or coconut milk. When buying a vegan protein powder be sure to buy a small quantity or sample it to see if it sits well in your stomach … and to see if you like the taste as some vegan brands have a very potent earthy taste that is not well tolerated by everyone.

    kaizen naturals
    Kaizen Naturals Vegan Protein
  7. Popcorn: I just discovered these a new GMO free popcorn  few weeks ago! Great to see a popcorn brand that is low in calories. Two cups of this stuff only packs 80 calories! I suggest portioning out a cup at a time in plastic bags for on the go! Keep in the car or gym bag alongside some fresh cut apple slices and rice cakes!

    supercharged vegan snacks - skiny pop popcorn
    Skinny Pop Popcorn
  8. Raw, organic berries: Last but not least, raw berries are good to eat anywhere and everywhere. I suggest buying blueberries, blackberries and strawberries and mixing a cup with cashew yogurt or with organic greek yogurt (if your stomach can stand dairy)

    supercharged vegan snacks- organic berries
    Organic berries

That’s all! I hope you incorporate some of these healthy, vegan alternatives into your diet! And if you stuck on how to adapt a vegan diet into your lifestyle, check out this awesome meal plan! 

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