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Overtraining Prevention: Are You Overdoing Exercise?

Over Training Prevention How to Avoid Over Exercising

Overtraining Prevention! Are You Overdoing The Exercise Thing?

Look I get it! It’s fun to be in the gym! Working out, pushing some weights, punching a bag, running, cycling, moving and training like a beast! But are you perhaps over doing it? As a trainer and a fitness enthusiast who more or less so works out 6x days a week (and has done so for the past 10 years) its difficult for me to say this, but indeed there is a limit to exercise! Many of you may be over doing the exercise thing (and may not even know it!) 

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Are You Overtraining?

How, do you know if you are overtraining or over exercising? In simple terms, if you find that you’ve been stagnant in your progress and find yourself with more and more workout related injuries, and sick then you are probably over doing it! One for sure way to tell is to get blood work done. If your cortisol levels are too high it can be because you are training too much at a high intensity.

Overtraining prevention how to to over do exercise

Other signs include:

  • Constant joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Constant soreness
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Getting sick often (like easily catching a cold)
  • Feeling fatigued or exhausted
  • Poor performance in the gym even after a good night’s rest
  • Stagnant in your goals
  • Overall muscle weakness

If one or more of the above rings true, then it’s time to step up your recovery game and increase some much-needed R&R (recovery and relaxation!)

What Is Recovery?

Recovery includes anything and everything that allows your body to repair from the stresses of life (including fitness). Sleep, stretching, myofascial release, and meditation are all excellent methods for recovery. Often times several of these recovery techniques and tools are necessary to have an effective recovery, alongside nutritional supplements.

overtraining prevention

It is often forgotten about or looked over. Sadly, social media has popularized statements like “no pain no gain” which can be the furthest from the truth. In fact, no pain is typically a GOOD thing as it indicated that your muscle and tendons have adequately managed the workout and adapted to the work demanded of them (aka they are getting stronger!).


Why Do You Need It?

Without adequate recovery, you can sabotage your goals and are more likely to put on bad weight (fat), be lethargic, have joint pain and hormonal distress. Proper recovery allows your body, and specifically your muscles and CNS system to recover from workouts and the stress imposed from workouts.

When we workout, we use our muscles, tendon, joints, and CNS, which in turn cause temporary inflammation. You know that soreness that you get a day or two after workouts? Yup, that’s inflammation. Strength training in itself is muscle tearing apart (this is how muscle grows and strengthens!). Recovery is the process of muscles repairing and growing so it can withstand more stress.

So as you can see, without proper recovery, your muscles cannot grow… your metabolism will continue to be stagnant and worst of all, your hormones will be out of whack causing extra weight gain. 

Overtraining Prevention: How To Step Up Your Recovery Game

If you think you are overtraining, then it’s time to S L O  W it down! One of the best and easiest ways is to schedule more off days. For example, if you are currently training 6 or 7 (yikes!) days a week, add another rest day and train instead for 4 or 5 days a week. 

Remember the average person benefits greatly with just three to four days of strength training so do not over do it or ensure you have scheduled at least two rest days.You can also opt to swap out some of you heavy strength training days with a day of yoga, meditation or fun cardio (think dance class!); which are less strenuous on your CNS and your muscles, tendons, and joints. Strength training does cause a lot of strain on the skeletomuscular and nervous system. In fact, muscle grows because of the demands and the stress we put on it; which is the exact reason you should give it adequate recovery. 

overtraining protection how to not over do exercise

Some other good ideas for recovery include increasing sleep, seeking out deep tissue massages (or massage therapy in general) and adding in 20 minutes of foam rolling or myofascial release after each workout.

Last but definitely not the least eating good, nutritious food is critical to recovery. Ensure you are eating enough protein, carbs, good fat and vitamins to support your efforts in the gym. You can also (with consultation with your doctor or a registered nutritionist) add in omega 3s, fish oils, vitamins b, d, L- glutamine, and magnesium to your diet to help with faster recovery. These supplements are specifically known for helping with recovery and with reducing inflammation; so they may be worth adding to your diet. 

Whatever your end goal is (get strong, build muscle, step on stage… summer bod) you need to compliment your work in the gym with adequate recovery outside the gym. Otherwise, you will not only halt your own success but may cause devastating damage to your joints, tendons and overall health.


Lyzabeth Lopez Workouts Review – Why I DO Recommend It!

Lyzabeth Lopez Workouts Review TWL

Lyzabeth Lopez Workouts Review

Just today I came across a “review” of Lyzabeth’s workout program … from a girl who has *NEVER* completed it and who make outlandish claims against it. (… she actually states in her reviews she never bought the program yet feels ok to write a review on it)

So I thought to write this real AUTHENTIC review. My name is Ruby and I have ACTUALLY completed the TWL program. My review below is not some remarks I pulled outa my a*rse for the sake of making sales on another program. It is the *truth* from someone who has trained with Lyzabeth in person and from someone who has followed her program.


I gotta be honest with ya! I am a kind of girl who’s been into fitness for a long time. I started weight training at 18 and by 21 was a certified personal trainer. I always loved the gym… and a good challenge! And this is how I discovered Lyzbeth Lopez’s workouts.

And upon some researching, I found some VERY interesting facts, which I will share with you below!

My name is Ruby… and no my boyfriend did not leave me for an attractive girl next door. But building an attractive body by following Lyzabeth’s Lopez workouts did score me a LOT of dates… and confidence and a DAMN sexy body that makes guys turn heads.

Let me insert a few pics to seal the deal:

If you are looking to build CURVES then Lyzabeth Lopez’s workouts are DEFINITELY for you.


See, unlike this other reviewer, I actually TRY the products and programs I review. So you can be assured that this review is authentic… and the workouts TESTED.

A few months back, I started Lyzabeth Lopez’s workouts (better known as TWL – trainwithlyzabeth) as a way to get my mojo back and to challenge myself.

The plan comes completed with 20 days of workouts, instructional reviews, holistic meal plans, and TONS of resources in the back end including an active and super motivation online community (…. one that Lyzabeth herself is active in!)

lyzabeth lopez workouts review

I did went and looked up the program before to jumping on board… and have heard nothing but GOOD reviews. All the girls in our group LOVE the program… from beginners to advanced there are ladies of all walks of life doing Lyzabeth Lopez’s Workouts.

And they all have fun, and most importantly GET RESULTS! I mean check out all the cray cray before and afters:


… and these are REAL results. There are plenty more that Ive seen week after week in our online community. From women who are older, younger, beginner to advanced!

Is It Worth It?

Let me be BRUTALLY honest. As I mentioned above I am someone who’s been into fitness a VERY long time. I’ve come across a lot of different trainers, programs, and workouts. And believe me when I say, the $149 is TOTALLY worth it!

There just isn’t any other program like Lyzabeth Lopez Workouts. If you are looking for some easy to do, cheap program printed on PDF without much guidance or depth then go look elsewhere.

The Lyzabeth Lopez workouts are designed for ladies who are looking for LONG term results. It a program that helps ladies BUILD curves not just get skinny… it challenges you and your body. And best of all it includes holistic, real food meal plans that teach you how to eat well for the rest of your life.

It includes:

  • An easy to follow nutrition plan
  • A shopping list
  • Nutrition videos
  • A list of supplements
  • A 30 days workout program (*highly structured)
  • Instructional videos for ALL exercises
  • An active, and engaged online community for support
  • … and more! Check out

I sincerely believe the TWL program will change your life! Check out here: lyzabeth lopez workouts rewiew



5 Reasons Why You Have Failed At Losing Weight

reasons weight loss not happening

Weight Loss Not Happening? 5 Reasons Why (And How To Fix It)

This post is gonna sound HARSH…. its just rude. But it needs to be said. This is for all of you who have lost weight but failed to keep it off… or have got some progress but can’t get to that finish line.

You need to read this ’cause no one else is gonna tell you. Most trainers and coaches wanna cater to “what you want” instead of guiding you towards what you need… and sometimes that is simply some wise words.

Below are 5 scenarios which I have identified as being hurdles. These are the scenarios which I see every day… things my own clients often get stuck on.

Let’s dig in of why you are stuck at your weight and cannot get the fat off:

Scenario One: Yo- Yo Dieting (…and “dieting” in general)

How many of you are guilty of going on fad diets?? The “Beyonce” Approved Maple syrup and cayenne pepper diet? The 3 Day Fix? Ketogenic diets? Low Carb? Atkins? Does it all ring a bell?

reasons weight loss not happening

If you are STILL dieting aka looking for a quick fix, then STOP IT. And stop it quick. Our bodies are much more complicated than cayenne pepper and maple syrup. It needs NUTRIENTS… vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and the best of all CALORIES. Yup, those scary things that you are trying to avoid? Guess what, your body needs it. Your brain, heart, organs and muscle all need calories (…and carbs very specifically). And going on these crash diets is not the solution. In fact, if you’ve been going the calorie- cutting, nutrient cutting, fat/ carb/ whatever CUTTING way you have already wrecked your body and your metabolism. Cutting fat/ carbs/ calories is not the solution.

How to Fix It:

First off, ween yourself off whatever fad diet you are on but don’t just start adding a zillion calories back into your diet… you will blow up bigger than a blow fish!?

Your body needs time to adjust back into the caloric increase. My suggestion would be slowly re-introduced foods (and by that I mean whole, plant based, nutrient rich foods) back into your diet. Your best bet is to consult with a holistic nutritionist or naturopath and put together a plan. A plan that is based around getting NUTRIENTS into your body. If you are the type of person who goes on/ off diets for months or years, chances are you’ve slowed your metabolism and will need to take sometimes revving it back up to normal. This doesn’t mean you are doomed, it means you need to give it time and most importantly you need to learn how to adapt healthier eating habits. 

Scenario Two: Going SUPER Low Calorie For Longer Than Two Weeks

Ok, so I think many of us are guilty of this! You know, slashing out anything and everything and eating like 1200 calories juuuust to fit into that dress. (Procrastination is horrible isn’t it?) Perhaps even you’ve followed a super low-calorie diet program (think all the Dr. Pun’s and Dr. Bernstein type programs where your calories are DRASTICALLY slashed). Let me tell you, going super low cal is a QUICK fix and not healthy or good for long term weight loss. When you drastically cut calories out not you are not only are you slashing much-needed nutrients, you are also DESTROYING your metabolism. So if you, unfortunately, have fallen victim to the low cal thing, you gotta take a second to reverse the damage. Chances are if you’ve done the super low cal thing for a while and try to eat somewhat “normal” again, your body will fight back….and fight back with VENGEANCE! That means you will probably gain the weight you lost plus more…

5 reasons weight loss not happening

How To Fix:

Just like the yo-yo dieting scenario, you gotta slowly add calories back into your diet. Seek guidance from a trusted holistic nutritionist or a naturopath and learn how to prepare and eat foods that provide nutrients. Be honest with yourself and be willing to really LEARN what whole foods are and what you can do get your metabolism back! Yup, it will take some adjusting… but know that knowledge is POWER. I would even suggest taking a cooking class, or hiring a meal prep company or seeking our advice on how to grocery shop.

Scenario Three: You Are Looking For A Quick Fix

Let me ask you something, how long did it take you to put on that extra 10, 15, 20 or 40 lbs? Chances are it didn’t keep up overnight. And so thinking you can take it off overnight is equally foolish! Give yourself TIME. Healthy weight loss is about 1 to 2 lbs per week. Yup, that’s IT. Remember the thing about metabolism I mentioned above? It plays a part here too. If you try to lose weight too fast, chances are it’s gonna strip away your muscle and destroy your metabolism. Be realistic, give yourself time.

Reasons Weight Loss Not Happening

How To Fix It:

…simple, be patient! Write down your goals with a realistic time line. Then break down all the steps you need to get there. Again, coaches can help you along with this!

Scenario Four: You Are Not Consistent

Here is a story that may resonate with you. You join the gym. Perhaps even sign up with a trainer! You are excited! You can do this you tell yourself! And so you do. For the first four weeks, you go in and put in work three days… sometimes you even workout four and five times a week. But after the first month, you start getting “busy”… you start falling back into bad habits. You start skipping workouts… but the third or fourth month you are down to one to two workouts per week. And by the time the fifth month rolls around, you have a second wind and come back and try to get back into three days a week. But by then you are discouraged…. sounds familiar? It’s because we ALL go through it.

My motto has alway been: exercise is and should be like BRUSHING YOUR TEETH. It should be a habit… not something you do when you feel like…. or when you do once in a while because you are about to go on vacation. Reframe the way you THINK about exercise! Join some fun fitness classes (like Hourglass Workout — yes, I am shameless!)  

Let me be VERY clear on this. If you want results you need to take your time. I think everyone need to give themselves at LEAST three months to see some results. And most people actually do get stronger, faster, healthier, leaner week by week but often times dismiss their progress because they do not have their “dream bod” yet. Dream bodies are not made in four weeks. Muscle does not grow in six weeks…. 20 lbs doesn’t just disappear off your body.

How to Fix it:

First and foremost, get yourself a deadline, a timeline and some clearly set goals are not JUST focused on numbers. For example, a goal would be getting to the gym three days a week by the end of the month and making it a habit. It could be losing 10lbs but being able to do pushups.

reasons weight loss not happening

Stay consistent by making exercise a fun, daily habit! In University (when I first started weight lifting I used to religiously go to the gym after my classes were done. And I mean religiously. I would not skip a day. Rain, the sunshine, party, meeting… it would all be scheduled AROUND my workout times. Yup, it pissed off a few people (… I mean how dare I skip dinner plans or come late to a party) but it got me on the path to good health (…and an awesome career!). Let me put this to you another way: take your workouts as seriously as you take your job. You get up each and every day, on time and go to work. At work, you are focused and dedicated. You plan your meetings, schedule your phone calls, answer back emails and nail those deadlines. Your workouts and health are NO DIFFERENT. In fact, I will argue that it’s even more important because if you lose your health, you may have to stop working altogether. Health is MONEY. You want to continue making money, take care of your body.

Stay consistent by making exercise a fun, daily habit! In University, when I first started picking up weight training I used to religiously go to the gym after my classes were done. And I mean religiously. I would not skip a day. Rain, the sunshine, party, meeting… it would all be scheduled AROUND my workout times. Yup, it pissed off a few people (… I mean how dare I skip dinner plans or come late to a party) but it got me on the path to good health. Let me put this to you another way: take your workouts as seriously as you take your job. You get up each and every day, on time and go to work. At work, you are focused and dedicated. You plan your meeting, schedule your phone, answer back emails and nail that deadline. Your workouts and health are NO DIFFERENT. In fact, I will argue that it’s even more important because if you lose your health, you may have to skip work… you may, in fact, have to stop working altogether. Health is MONEY. You want to continue making money, take care of your body.

Scenario Four: You Do Not Give It Enough Time

This one kinda blends in with the last two points. Like mentioned above you need to be consistent day in and day out to see results. But moreover, you need to give it time. Those of you who think “ok so I will do this diet or this program for X amount of days/ weeks and then I can go back to my old ways” have it ALL wrong. And I mean ALL WRONG. This isn’t a game or race. Wanna you be healthy? You wanna lose the weight for GOOD? Then you need to give it time and build new, PERMANENT habits. And this is def much easier said than done. The trick is to find or build a supportive environment (or a system) and think about long-term health, not just short-sighted goals. 

Aim to remove unhealthy foods out of your diet for good. I mean you can’t temporarily quit smoking if you wanna get healthy, so why TEMPORARILY remove sugary drinks, refined grains, hormone laden dairy, food colouring, and mercury infested fish? There is no difference. If something is harmful and you KNOW it’s harmful to your body, you have to ax it out … and ax it out forever.

reasons why weight loss not happening

This is my BIGGEST advice: make a plan for PERMANENT changes.  Yes, that takes time, takes organization, and scheduling and preparation… may require a trainer or a nutritionist or a coach. But as long as you have the mentality of a quick fix, you will never be successful. 

Education and preparation are the key to long-term success. And don’t short change yourself… celebrate all the little victories. Getting fit and healthy will take time so enjoy the process and journey.

xo, Ruby ✌️



Shoulder Workout For Women: 4 Exercises To Try Today!


Shoulder Workout For Women: 4 Exercises To Try Today!

Let me start by saying, I LOVE nice round shoulders…. especially on women! And I’ve been working on my shoulders since TIIIIIME!

About a decade ago, When I started training, women’s bodybuilding was still very much “in”.  My first coach and manager were a guy named Frank Gorge. He was in his late 30s and had been bodybuilding for some time and had helped one of our gym’s trainers do her first show.

One of the first things he (and other trainers) pointed out was that my shoulders were well, nonexistent. And I would be getting nowhere without nice rounded shoulders…. so I got to WORK. I distinctly remember the exact moment…. I was a newly hired trainer at Complete Fitness (now Fitness Connection) in Richmond Hill and it was perhaps my second week at work.

I distinctly remember the exact moment…. I was a newly hired trainer at Complete Fitness (now Fitness Connection) in Richmond Hill and it was perhaps my second week at work. I was about to start my workout and the convo about how much my shoulders sucked gave me enough vigor and determination to build some nice rounded shoulders.

These days, I am a proud owner of two round delts! So how did I build them? Here is my exact protocol (… and some extra tips!)

Lesson one: Lift heavy and Lift Often

Shoulders are pesky little things… they are made of three distinct muscles, namely the front (anterior), mid and rear (posterior) deltoids. Our deltoid muscles originate from the clavicle and insert underneath our biceps.

The trick to getting those pesky little delts to grow and look pretty is to lift heavy and lift heavy. In my first three years of training, I would routinely do HEAVY machine, military and Arnold presses. And by heavy, I mean HEAVY. I would load the stack to 50 to 70lbs on each side and with a help of a spotter crank out as many reps as I could. My aim was to increase the load by 5lbs each week… and I was pretty successful at that! By my 3rd or 4th year training, I could push through a 70lbs machine press and 40lbs dumbbell military press…. and I would do this often! Even with lateral flys and rear delts, I would always go as heavy as I could manage and use a spotter to push through plateaus.

Lesson Two – Use Variety

I dedicated one full day per week to just working on my shoulders. I no longer do this. I find that these days my shoulders are well maintained as long as I do a few “delt” focused exercises per week.

As far as shoulder exercises go my selection is wide and varied. Due to the structure and the many muscles that make up our shoulders, we need a variety of exercises to train them well. Ideally, you want to complete 2 to 4 exercises for each the front, mid and rear delt. And you want to vary these every few weeks.

Below are four shoulder exercises that are a part of my routine. In the description, you will find my set and rep range to give you an idea of exactly how I train my delts!

Military Shoulder Press (Front Delts)

I do these both using machines and with dumbells. I only do a SEATED press as I can lift heavier and focus on engaging my core …. and not throw out my back! (side note: a standing version of these is a great exercise but can put pressure on the lower bacK)

I typically use 20 to 30lbs and go for 3 to 4 sets to fatigue!

Upright Rows (front and mid delts)

I personally like to do these on a cable station over barbells. Below I only have 10lbs loaded on each side… I find that 30 to 50 lbs in total does the trick. Please note this exercise may be HORRIBLE for those with previous shoulder injuries so steer away if that is you! Again, typically I work in 3 sets to fatigue.

Inverted Rows (Upper Back, Biceps, and Rear Delts)

This is just one awesome, kick ass exercise! Super hard but one of my faves! You should have your hands wider than shoulder width… think push up position but inverted. Keeping legs straight makes it harder than with legs bent.

I typically do 3 sets to fatigue! (… notice a theme here? LOVE training to fatigue!)

Cable Delt Cross Overs (mid delts)

Great alternative to dumbbell laterals… I do 4 sets of 15 reps. 5lbs to 7.5 lbs… believe me, that’s enough to BUTCHER your delts!

Try to keep your arms pretty straight without locking elbows. Focus on keeping your wrists parallel to the ground as you move… think lift the weights up NOT out and back!

I hope the above gives you a few ideas on how to train your shoulders. As mentioned, the trick with shoulders is to train them heavy, train them often and using a variety of very targeted exercises.

It took me a couple of years to get some rounded shoulders…. but once there, they’ve stayed!

For more fun training tips, kicks and curls, subscribe to my newsletter at!

xoxox, Rubes.

Lyzabeth Lopez Reviews: That Time I Trained With Lyzabeth!

lyzabeth lopez reviews


Online training programs are about a dime a dozen these days. Let’s just say that most of them don’t deliver on all of their big promises. I am a practicing nutritionist and trainer so to say my standards are high is an understatement. With that said,  I’ve finally found a legit program that will satisfy clean eating fitness gals of all levels. Welcome to Train with Lyzabeth, or as I refer to it, TWL.


Lyzabeth Lopez is a master trainer and a fellow holistic nutritionist with over 15 years of experience. She has known for her killer hourglass shape (I mean check her out!) and the best part is that she is sharing all of her trade secrets! Women around the world rejoice! This program is well structured, organized and designed to kick butt! Complete with 20 instructional workout videos (printable, downloadable and also mobile ready), a success tracker and a fantastic holistic meal plan, she makes it nearly impossible to not to succeed.

Her online program is well structured, organized and designed to kick butt! Complete with 20 instructional workout videos (that are printable, downloadable and also mobile ready), a success tracker and a fantastic holistic meal plan, she makes it nearly impossible to not to succeed.

So let me break down the best parts of TWL!


There is no lack of inspiration here on the TWL page, not only are there images of the woman herself (which is enough to make anyone get up and drop a squat!), but there are countless success stories from real women. There is also a huge online TWL community which is full of positivity. Members share everything from progress pics to mouthwatering tasty meal ideas. The FB page is a place where women from all over the globe can reach out to fellow TWLers for motivation and accountability. It ‘s like having your own group of cheerleaders! Hands down, the best part of this online community is that Lyzabeth herself is all over it answering everyone’s questions and providing unlimited support and positivity! 


As a holistic nutritionist, I completely took apart the diet and supplement plans in the TWL program. Let me tell you, there isn’t a single detail missed!  TWL is one of the most comprehensive and informative plans I have seen! The meal plan in and of itself is worth the $$$ for the program!


It’sreal in the TWL program! Yes, you will grow your glutes in the best way possible! There is NO shortage of awesome glute, hamstring and leg workouts! Lyzabeths plan isn’t all about that bum! She knows that creating that coveted hourglass shape requires training from head to toe and she balances this out with kick ass workouts targeting back, shoulders, arms, core, and legs. There are even customized cardio plans for every goal. No sugar coating here, the workouts are HARD (Im pretty sure I was near death on day 13 haha), but this plan will work for absolute beginners and really challenge even the most seasoned gym goers


In my opinion, this program is a steal at $150! If your goal is to create or accentuate your curves while getting stronger, then TWL is for you! You’re not just following a workout and diet plan, you are learning valuable information and building confidence one workout at a time, and that to me is priceless!

You can get your copy here

Why You Should Ditch The Scale For Good

ditch the scale


I am about 140 lbs… give or take a few lbs. Yup, that’s pretty heavy for someone that stands at 5’2. I am short! But quite frankly I could care less about how much I weigh on the scale… and nor should you.

WHY? Well, let me explain.

  1. First and foremost the scale is NOT a good indication of overall health. How much you weigh does not really tell us if you have heart disease or cancer… nor can it tell us how strong you are or how fast you can run. 
  2. The scale does not give an accurate picture of body composition. It has no idea how much muscle, body fat, bone mass or water you hold. And those of you about to come out at me with “how about that body fat scale at the gym”… Those are equally inaccurate! Scales (including those body fat ones) are not very accurate at measuring our body composition. (Your best bet, in this case, is underwater dunking)
  3. The scale may LIE to you… no for real! The scale may be easily off by 10lbs! As it turns out our body fluctuates in weight from night to day, during our menstrual cycle, after a week of “high carving”, and after workouts. So checking the scale day to day is not a good way to find out how much you weigh. I fluctuate between 135 to 142 from week to week…
  4. The scale does not reflect changes in body fat, strength, power or over health. Lost 2 inches off your waist? Finally was able to add an inch to those glutes? Able to do 30 pushups in the row? Well, the scale, unfortunately, cannot tell you that you are indeed losing inches, building muscle, strength, power, endurance … nor can it tell ya how darn sexy you look in that dress!

So What Is A Girl To Do?

I get it! I honestly do! We all like to be  a certain size and weight but again your weight is a poor indication of overall health and fitness. You can be heavy set and be able to run, squat and jump. You can equally be super slim and be ill and be riddled with disease.

So ask yourself why does the scale matter? Why does your weight matter? Will it make you happier to weigh less or will you be happier looking better in clothes? Does the scale matter or how confident you feel? Are you more concerned with looking defined or weighing a certain amount on a scale?

Do you want to be healthy and void of disease or do you wanna weigh X amount? Not all of us are meant to look like runway models… some of us can be healthy AND be heavier with curves.

I urge you to keep other forms of measurements. Measure inches. Take progress pictures (like we do at Hourglass Workout). Make a note of how your clothes fit. Aim to perform better at the gym. Measure how strong you are getting. Keep a log of how much endurance you have…. Get your blood work done and measure nutritional deficiencies… aim to lower your cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and resting heart rate.

There are just so many better ways of measuring progress and health than the scale. So DITCH THE SCALE for once and for good!

Lyzabeth Lopez Online Training Review

Lyzabeth Lopez Online Training Review



  • This program is perfect for ladies looking to build curves (aka an Hourglass Figure)
  • Suitable for those with injuries and for beginners
  • Comes with workout videos, holistic meal plans, the success tracker, and even a cardio guide!

The creator of the online Hourglass Workout program better referred to at TWL or TrainWithLyzabeth, Lyzabeth Lopez is KNOWN for curves! One look at the girl and instant motivation!

Lyzabeth is a master trainer and holistic nutritionist with over 15 years of experience…. and boy does the workout ever show! TWL is no joke! Unlike many other workout programs out there, TWL is well structured. It comes with 20 instructional workout videos, a success tracker and best of all, a holistic meal plan so you can fuel your workouts and get to your goals.

What’s TWL about?

TWL (TrainWithLyzabeth) is a 30-day online program made for females by the social media phenom and master trainer Lyzabeth Lopez. Each day you are instructed to focus on a muscle group. It could be legs, upper body, abs, shoulder or strictly even full on glutes! You are to complete all exercises in the workout while following her holistic (think real food does not diet food) meal plans.

One thing that separates Lyza’s online program from many others: it is actually written for ladies looking to build curves. There are a variety of pilates and glute building exercises that you will not find in other programs. It is very specific and will keep you on your toes as each workout is different. You can be doing heavy legs one week and have a high rep day. She even throws in some of our favorites: Tabata’s and burpees!

In the back end of TWL, you also have access to some of Lyza’s nutrition talks like one on how to count your macros. The site is LOADED with good information that most trainers simply do not share.

There is even an online support group via Facebook that allows members to ask questions directly from Lyzabeth (yes, she ANSWERS!!!) and interact with the TWL community at large!

The before/afters are simply STUNNING! It’s motivating to connect with other women on the same path… some across seas in the Middle East and Europe!

The TWL Meal Plan

Another great bonus: Lyzabeth’s holistic meal plans. When you sign up with TWL you can choose to follow the weight loss, muscle building, hypothyroid, vegan or vegetarian meal plans. I follow the weight loss one… and boy does it work!

Unlike many of the other online training programs, Lyzabeth lays everything out! She emphasizes the role of nutrition in building curves and fat loss… and gives you the tools to get you there.

When I first read my meal plan I was surprised by the amount of good information in there! The meal plans include a chart to follow, do it yourself easy recipes, supplement information and even tips on how to curb cravings.

It is by far the most informative meal plan I have come across online! I liked the fact that Lyzabeth takes the times to explain the WHY behind the meal plan. With that said, for those of you who do not like to read, there is a cheat sheet that contains a condensed version of what you need to know!

Conclusion: Is TWL Worth The $$$?

In short YES! But let me explain! As a blogger and fitness enthusiast, I’ve researched and looked at MANY online training programs (including the ones offered by Shredz athletes). In comparison, TWL is WORLDS away.

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Most online training program (and especially 30 or 28-day ones) are often just a PDF of exercises with not much structure or guidance. What makes TWL different is that it is rather an online portal of organized workouts, nutrition guides and fitness tips! The exercises are highly selective to help build curves. They are fun yet challenging…. and no two days are the same so you will never be bored!

Lyzabeth simple does not leave you hanging! Even if you are new to weight training, you can follow this program and succeed. There is even a cardio guide to help you boost your fat loss and build your cardiovascular endurance.

TWL can be accessed on the phone or computer (I simply bring my phone to the gym) and all the guides can be downloaded for easy access.

The information provided is worth $$$$ plus more! If your goal is to accentuate your feminine physique, build bigger glutes or simply lose some weight, then TWL is for you!

You can get your copy here (at a special discounted price – FOR a limited time): Lyzabeth Lopez’s Online Training Program

9 mistakes to AVOID when you start lifting weights!

In my first three years of weight lifting, I made some very MASSIVE progress. To the point that by 21, as a rookie personal trainer, other trainers would come up and wanna take my advice on how to train their clients or themselves! On a daily basis coaches would come up and beg me to start competing as “my body is just shaped perfectly for it”.

As quickly as I made some gains, I also made some massive mistakes. As a rookie body builder, my nutrition knowledge was inadequate… I did way too much cardio…. I paid too much attention to the scale and not my body. I’ve made a list of 9 common mistakes that I made when I first began my journey in the gym and how to avoid them!

  1. Not training your upper body/ legs/ [insert body part]: Many ladies make the mistake of skipping out on upper body workouts or going easy on their shoulders or lifting too light. Many guys make the same mistake instead with their lower body. Whether you are looking for aesthetics, fat loss or better performance, it’s important to train your entire body. Your muscles move in conjunction together (contrary to common belief there is really no such thing as isolating a muscle). This means if you are looking for strengthening your bench, you have to train shoulders, triceps, back, chest, and core individually. Last but not least, aesthetically it looks much better when your body is proportionate aka the size of your legs is proportionate to your size of your arms.
  2. Not taking nutrition seriously: This is a BIG one. Most people first start exercising and think it’s “good enough”. I certainly made this mistake! You think well, if I work out then I can afford to eat what I want, when I want it. This is just not how the body works! If you are looking for a slimmer waist, thicker legs, better aerobic capacity… whatever your goal, your nutrition has to match it! Your body can only change so much without adequate fuel and a proper nutrition plan! Not sure what you should be eating? Drop me a line and let one of my nutritionists help you out!
  3. Not listening to your body: Another mistake I made was not listening to my body. I would lift heavy, lift often and do lots of cardio without much recovery. It’s critical to tune into your body and listen to what it’s saying! If you are having a hard time recovering and are sick all the time, that is a good sign that your are overtraining. If you have achey joints, you may wanna lay off the plyometrics…. Listen to your body and let it heal and recover. Pounding the weights day after day is not very smart in the long term (that how overuse injuries and joint problems usually occur)
  4. Thinking you can spot reduce: There is still a myth out there that if you train lets say abs, your stomach will shrink… if you train legs, your thighs will naturally get lean. Not true! There is no such thing as spot reduction! Be careful not to confuse a targeted body split routine with spot reduction. Body split (aka doing lower body one day, upper body next, abs and arms etc) is fantastic for aesthetics (eg. Building nice round shoulders or glutes) but not good for “spot reduction”. [prompt type=”left” title=”30 Minute in-home GLUTES and ABS!” message=”Looking for in-home workouts? Get my 30 minute GLUTES and ABS workout for FREE! ” button_text=”Yes, let me see it! ” button_icon=”hand-o-right” circle=”true” href=”″ target=”blank”]
  5. Staring at the scale… like every day: I’ve never been a big fan of the scale but have many clients who are OBSESSED with it. Be aware that you CAN lose inches and body fat without a huge difference on the scale. In my opinion a better body composition is always a better goal to have so ditch the scale and stop obsessing over the wrong numbers!
  6. Thinking you know it all: Olympic athletes, professional football players, even the best trainers out there have other coaches and trainers that they rely on. Exercise science is well, a science! Stop trying to guess how many reps, sets you should do, stop picking up random exercises from the internet from trainers with horrible form. Go and book a few sessions with a reputable trainer…. join some fitness classes. Learn from those who not only have good physiques but are motivational and good coaches. To this day, I make it a habit to take continuing education course and to train with other trainers who I know can further my education.
  7. Not taking advantage of supplements: Truth be told, the best gains you will make is in the first three years of your training aka your golden era! So take advantage of it! Eat well, and supplement with the right supplements like BCAAs, protein and multivitamins to make the best of your golden era! I am not suggesting that you take every supplement out there but there is a few staples that will help you build lean tissue and keep lean. Invest in those!
  8. Not training hard enough: Back in the day when I first began weight training, there was no suspension training, calesthetics or much specialized equipment. Most people sat on a machine pushed for a few reps then moved to the next and did the same…. keeping heart rate low and barely challenging themselves. We know now that there are much more effective ways of training like circuit training, HITTs, functional training… power lifting. Make sure to keep your training CHALLENGING! Play around with tempo, rest time, super sets, weights, reps, sets… critical thing is to really exhaust your body! Not sure how to do that? Then take advantage of fitness classes like my Hourglass Workout classes or hire a trainer!
  9. Doing too much cardio: Yup, too much cardio can HURT instead of help. The right type of aerobic exercise (like HITTs) can be super useful but there is even limits to that! Don’t spend the majority of your time running on a treadmill or on the elliptical. Do a dynamic warm up and hit the weights for a good hour! If you are doing high intensity circuits you may not even need any added cardio! I personally recommend only 20 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 days a week for clients… then work them up to 40 minutes if necessary. If you are training hard, fast, at your maximum capacity chance are you do not need to cardio… in fact it can back fire as it strips your lean tissue![prompt type=”left” title=”30 Minute in-home GLUTES and ABS!” message=”Looking for in-home workouts? Get my 30 minute GLUTES and ABS workout for FREE! ” button_text=”Yes, let me see it! ” button_icon=”hand-o-right” circle=”true” href=”″ target=”blank”]

I truly hope these 9 mistakes that I made when I first began weight lifting will help you make better decisions in and out of the gym. Remember fitness is a journey not a over night thing, so keep working at it! Work at it often and you will succeed!

6 Stability Ball Exercises for a STRONGER core

The stability ball is one awesome fitness equipment. It can be used for leg exercices, upper body exercises and of course ab exercises. Now I personally use em for a variety of exercises including the chest press and squats… and of course to target abs! Here is a list of my favourite 6 stability ball exercises for a stronger core… you can do these in home or in the gym so grab a ball and give em a go!

  1. Weighted Ball Crunches: Although you can do these without weight, I personally prefer them weighted (using a cable stations)! So grab a dumbbell or plate, get on the ball and start crunching! You only need to go up about 1/4 of the way for these to be effective!
  2. Wind mils: Super challenging exercise, lie on the floor grab ball between your leg and rotate up and to the right, then back down and then up and to the left! Check out my partner version of this exercise here:
  3. Ball roll outs: By far one of my favourite ball exercises, get into a plank position on the ball then push out the ball using your forearms… be careful to push gently and slowly! A small push away will do! Check out my video here:
  4. Reverse ball roll outs: Another one of my fave, this one requires you to be in a plank with your feet on the ball. Bring your legs in towards your chest while maintaining your plank and then back out!
  5. Dead bugs (opposites): This exercise looks very easy but it is not! Place ball at your feet and hold with hands, then remove opposite hand and leg away from the ball, then bring back and repeat with the opposite side. (video:
  6. Ball pass (feet to hands): Another super duper hard exercise, lie on the floor, then grab ball with your feet and crunch up and pass ball towards your hands. Then reverse the motion, crunch up with ball in hands and pass to your legs! You can try these with partners as well!

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