The Small & Healthy Snack For On The Go : Bounce Energy Balls Review

If you are like me, you are prroooobably on the run (run emoji) all the time! As a busy, health conscious business owner I am looking for easy snack ideas that I can keep on me on the go.

Bounce Energy Balls Buy

You see my days typically involve several meetings, lots of computer work, teaching classes. And in a place like Toronto that means a lot of commuting. So for me, it’s super important to find snacks that are easy to pack and that don’t rot within a couple of hours.

And as much I love packing boiled eggs, protein shakes and veggies and dip, sometimes I crave something a little sweeter!

Luckily enough, I came across Bounce energy balls a few months ago at the local grocery store (Sobeys). I’ve bought a few flavors and thought they were fab!

Bounce energy balls not only taste awesome, they are also made of healthy ingredients that I can pronounce (SUPER important to me!)

Bounce Energy Balls Buy Review

For example, their Peanut Protein energy ball is made up of peanuts, Brown Rice Malts Syrup, Whey Protein, Concentrated Grape Juice, Gluten Free Grains like brown rice. Their Berry Coconut flavor is made up of dates, tapioca syrup, sunflower seeds, cranberries, brown rice, coconut, raisins, raspberries, acai juice, goji berries, sesame seeds,  and apple juice concentrate. 

Sounds yummy, right? 

My fave product from Bounce is their new bites. They come in three awesome flavors: Blueberry Banana, Coconut Almond, and Coconut Cacao. 

Upon tasting them, I liked the Banana Blueberry bites and the Apple Cinnamon energy balls the best. Mind you, they ALL taste pretty yummy! Unlike many other protein and energy bars out there, Bounce products do not taste chalky or like cardboard. They also do not have the plastic-e consistency that some similar products from other brands have.

Bounce Energy Balls Review Buy Canada

I would totally recommend grabbing some Bounce balls and bites for when you are on the go! *small tiny note: If you have a nut allergy, check out the nut free Cacao Orange, Cacao Mint and Berry Coconut flavours!

Small other tiny note: If you are wondering if these products are safe for their kids, indeed Bounce products are safe as they are made from simple ingredients!

I now directly buy Bounce products from their site: