Bee Pollen Health Benefits

One of my favorite super foods is Bee Pollen (aka baby bee ? food!). Bee pollen is essentially the food for infant bees! It is HIGHLY nutritious … and delicious when mixed in with honey and royal jelly! Bee pollen contains 84 minerals and vitamins, is 40% protein, contains essential amino acid and lipids. 

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How Is Bee Pollen Made?

Bee pollen is made by honey bees using the pollen that they gather from flowers. Bees gather pollen from flowers, store in on their bodies and create bee pollen with the stored pollen.

bee pollen health benefits

I found the following description of how bee pollen is made very useful. “…Gathering pollen is not as easy as it sounds. Once a honeybee arrives at a flower, she settles herself in and nimbly scrapes off the powdery loose pollen from the stamen with her jaws and front legs, moistening it with a dab of the honey she brought with her from the hive. The enlarged and broadened tarsal segments of her legs have a thick trimming of bristles called pollen combs. The bee uses these combs to brush the gold powder from her coat and legs in mid-flight. With a skillful pressing movement of her auricle, which is used as a hammer, she pushes the gathered gold into her baskets. Her pollen baskets, surrounded by a fringe of long hairs, are simply concave areas located on the outside of her tibias. When the bee’s baskets are fully loaded, the microscopic golden dust has been tamped down into a single golden grain, or granule.” (Mercola, The Use Of Bee Pollen As A Superfood )

So Why Take Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen is a great alternative to multivitamins as it contains 84 minerals and vitamins. I personally take bee pollen and spirulina instead of multivitamins. This is partly because I sincerely believe you are better off getting nutrients from real food than from supplements. 

bee pollen health benefits

Bee Pollen Health Benefits: 10 Good Reasons To Use Bee Pollen

Aside from being highly nutritious, bee pollen has been scientifically found to help:

  1. Reduce Inflammation
  2. Protect our liver
  3. Nourish! Contains many essential vitamins and minerals!
  4. Boost our immune system
  5. Relieve stress
  6. Combat menstrual symptoms
  7. Promote healing and weight loss
  8. Fight allergies
  9. Improve metabolism and appetite; and
  10. Reduce cravings

Is Bee Pollen Safe? And How Do You Take It?

I should start by saying bee pollen definitely requires an acquired taste. Personally, I take my bee pollen mixed in with honey! I use a product called Bee Powered from Bee Keeper’s Naturals …which contains 745 mg of royal jelly, 532 of Bee Pollen and 43 mg of bee propolis extract per teaspoon! It is super delicious! 

bee pollen health benefits

Adults should ideally have 6 to 8 teaspoons of bee pollen per day. Please note you need to be consuming bee pollen for anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks to experience its benefits.

If you are allergic to bee stings, are pregnant or breastfeeding, then best to stir away from Bee pollen as it can cause hives, swelling and anaphylaxis for those with bee allergies.

As always do definitely consult with your physician, nutritionist or naturopath before adding this supplement to your regimen!

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