The stability ball is one awesome fitness equipment. It can be used for leg exercices, upper body exercises and of course ab exercises. Now I personally use em for a variety of exercises including the chest press and squats… and of course to target abs! Here is a list of my favourite 6 stability ball exercises for a stronger core… you can do these in home or in the gym so grab a ball and give em a go!

  1. Weighted Ball Crunches: Although you can do these without weight, I personally prefer them weighted (using a cable stations)! So grab a dumbbell or plate, get on the ball and start crunching! You only need to go up about 1/4 of the way for these to be effective!
  2. Wind mils: Super challenging exercise, lie on the floor grab ball between your leg and rotate up and to the right, then back down and then up and to the left! Check out my partner version of this exercise here:
  3. Ball roll outs: By far one of my favourite ball exercises, get into a plank position on the ball then push out the ball using your forearms… be careful to push gently and slowly! A small push away will do! Check out my video here:
  4. Reverse ball roll outs: Another one of my fave, this one requires you to be in a plank with your feet on the ball. Bring your legs in towards your chest while maintaining your plank and then back out!
  5. Dead bugs (opposites): This exercise looks very easy but it is not! Place ball at your feet and hold with hands, then remove opposite hand and leg away from the ball, then bring back and repeat with the opposite side. (video:
  6. Ball pass (feet to hands): Another super duper hard exercise, lie on the floor, then grab ball with your feet and crunch up and pass ball towards your hands. Then reverse the motion, crunch up with ball in hands and pass to your legs! You can try these with partners as well!



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Ruby Rasaei
I am a Toronto based personal trainer and coach with 10 years of experience! I help busy bodies get fit and healthy using a holistic approach that includes healing foods and strength training!